2018 - 2019
Gestalt Institute of Toronto
Professional Development in Psychotherapy and Counselling

These professional development course consist of didactic and experiential exploration of Gestalt therapy’s aesthetic, relational and embodied approach.

Gestalt therapy has been called a “right brain-left brain” approach in that practitioners are trained to move fluidly between their embodied knowing and their cognitive skills, resulting in creative interventions that are never the same in any two meetings. This keeps the therapist alive and constantly changing to meet the client. Practitioners from other disciplines can learn to bring these “Gestalt moments” into their work, leading to greater rejuvenation inside clinical practice.

Participants receive 180 continuing education hours.

Professional development courses have the following learning outcomes:

  • Applying multiple layers of awareness from embodied to field awareness in a variety of clinical contexts
  • Working relationally
  • Working in the present moment
  • Gestalt as the clinical application of Phenomenology
  • Working with embodiment
  • Learning to be field sensitive
  • Working with forms of contact
  • Adapting the experimental attitude
  • Practicing and experiencing Hot Seat
  • Finding support in the practice
  • Understanding the difference between self-disclosure and self inclusion in order to apply Safe and Effective Use of Self
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