Innovation Methodology- Innovation Labs Concept
Innovation Labs Concept
A point of view that presents a concept for a lab and the methodology underpinnings to make it all happen.
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    2015 - 2016
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    Kevin Grant
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    TD Bank
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    21 August 2016
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    13 March 2021
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Apply Continuous Innovation within the Agile Framework Align innovation and product delivery

Step 1  Focus

  • Focus on the end results that we want and develop outcome-based goals.

Step 2  Explore

  • Find ways to achieve the goals that were set in the Focus Phase.

Step 3  Select

  • Select the best options from the ones identified in Explore Phase.
  • Put aside options that are not a high priority.

Step 4  Design

  • Design the action that need to be take to successfully implement the options chosen in Select Phase.

Step 5  Action

  • Implement the action you designed in step 4 and tracking performance.

Step 6  Assess

  • Asses the results achieved in the Action Phase with the results that were predicted in the Select Phase.

Step 7  Create

  • Understand the learnings from steps 1 to 6.
  • Identify opportunities where more improvements may be possible.

Step 8  Refocus

  • Turn one or two of the ideas  into further improvement  developed in the Create Phase..
Innovation Methodology- Innovation Labs Concept




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