The Open Lab Proposal and Action Plan
Open Lab Action Plan
A proposal for an Open Lab concept covering both methodology and action plan.
  • Project Year
    2015 - 2016
  • Creator Name
    Kevin Grant
  • Organization
    TD Bank
  • City
  • Country
  • Creation Date
    21 August 2016
  • Modification Date
    13 March 2021
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  • Innovation Manager leads an internal Contact Centre voluntary initiative to build an open lab within the NAPC
  • 100% Voluntary
  • Run by open source-style committee with zero management involvement
  • Zero startup costs, reuse and recycle existing resources– e.g.  utilize free office space
  • Team provides Demos to SLT, Managers, Connections Meeting  to prove out their work and demonstrate the lab’s learnings

SLT and Manager Asks

  • Employees who participate are able to dedicate 5% of their work week to the open lab–  dreaming up new ideas and test them (just like Google)
  • For every $20k savings, or every 0.5% increase in LEI, the SLT will agree to contribute $5000 to the Open Lab’s budget (placeholder numbers)
  • SLT supports the lab and promotes the lab from the top down– not exert political pressure to control the lab


  • Zero upfront cost
  • Fund with a low risk, as the Open Lab shows benefits, the investment will be given
  • SLT, Managers. and take no risk
  • Voluntary involvements that builds innovation skills  and culture within the NAPC
  • Build momentum for Innovation
  • Some ideas can be spun off into NAPC innovations
  • Recycle and reuse resources smartly- e.g. empty office space, software we already have licensed for testing, a test environment that isn't being used
  • Apply open source and skunkworks  approaches
  • Projects with issues we want to tested can feed their requests into the Open Lab backlog
  • The backlog is managed by the entire Open Lab team
  • Open Lab prioritizes incoming requests applying organization’s Principles and Vision
The Open Lab Proposal and Action Plan




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