The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certificate

CBT is a modern form of Applied Psychology that is broadly used by coaches, therapists, counsellors and mental health specialists. Due to the rational basis for its effectiveness, CBT is a popular helping system for many regular emotional difficulties, such as grief, anxiety and stress.

The course curriculum begins by acquainting you with the foundational constructs and history of the established fields from which CBT belongs; cognitive and behavioural psychology.

As a social science, psychology seeks to understand the reasons behind human behaviour, and on completing this course, you will comprehend the relationship between human thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

The course will equip you with an acute knowledge of cognitive behavioural theories, standards, processes, and how to practice CBT upon a high standard of comprehension. CBT provides an exceptional framework for individual and professional development.

If you aim to assist people with mental health-related matters, this course outlines the skills and insights you will need to do this while maximising your own mental and emotional wellbeing through the process.

This comprehensive CBT training course will lead you in the process of applying CBT within various professional contexts such as coaching, treatment, instruction, management, leadership and even in parenting.

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