Android Home Screen Media Player App
Product managed an innovative Android home screen replacement and media player.
2011 - 2012

Product managed an innovative Android home screen replacement and media player inception to the deployment of version 2.0— grew the business by over 500,000 customers in an 8 month period. Owned and managed the roadmap, milestones, agile iterations, quality assurance, UI, UX, social media marketing, and app publishing.

What is Claystone?

Your Home Screen, Refined

Claystone is designed from the ground-up to provide you with the best Android home screen experience by refining what you expect from a home screen.

All the Customization You Expect

Claystone has all the customization you would expect on your home screen such as themes, a personalized launch bar, home screens, fast access to apps, and many configurations and settings.
We removed the clutter by taking full advantage of Android’s long-press contextual menus. There are many powerful settings and features that are always close at hand and easy to find with Claystone’s well designed user interface.

Bring Your Home Screen Alive with Content

The basis of this enhanced experience is the Claystone Stack. Quickly view, queue-up, and browse through a wealth of content, including: websites, videos, photos, RSS feeds, YouTube, and more, using Claystone Stacks. You never leave your home screen, so you can stay productive at all times.

Use Stacks to Queue-Up Content

Return to your stacks at any time, browse the content using gestures, and then queue-up the content you selected for fast and efficient viewing. Claystone integrated viewers make this all possible on your home screen.

Stay Focused and Organized

Claystone’s stacks help you stay organized and reduce clutter by making it easy to sort and find related apps, videos, photos, contacts, news feeds, and web pages.
Claystone lets you add widgets and shortcuts, create folders, organize apps and documents, all within Claystone’s unique interface.

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