Bell Canada Paperless eBill Project
Bell Canada's first paperless consumer eBilling solution.
1998 - 1999

Documented business requirements and wrote technical specifications for Bell Canada's first paperless consumer eBilling solution— Added value by analyzing processes and document technologies for customer service representatives to rapidly sign up eBilling customers resulting in a 5% increase in adoption resulting in measurable cost savings.

What is a Paperless Bill or eBill

The Council for Electronic Billing and Payment of the National Automated Clearing House Association is credited with broadly promoting and communicating various forms of electronic billing.

Certain electronic billing applications also provide the ability to electronically settle payment for goods or services. Customers of banks and billing companies can utilize the internet or telecommunications to conveniently remit payment or access billing information. The service is also supported by customer service representatives (CSRs), which may be contacted directly by the consumer to facilitate payments or receive general assistance and answer questions.

eBills can produce substantial savings to traditional print & mail billing and payment remittance, and as an added benefit results in a significant reduction in the use of paper. (Wikipedia)

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