Mobile Video and Radio Broadcasting Platform Project
Designed and developed a mobile apps and website for broadcasting video and radio.

Designed and developed mobile apps for broadcasting video, audio, and Internet radio to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices— successfully integrated video, social networking and Internet radio into a unified mobile and desktop experience.  Video streaming solutions leveraged HTML5, Web 2.0, server-side PHP scripting, Joomla, Wordpress, Final Cut Pro, ffmpeg, MPlayer, and Linux Server.

Content Management System

Video, radio, social networking, and Web content are all managed using our broadcasting content management systems (CMS).

Advantages include ease-of-use and extensibility, Joomla and Wordpress integration.

  • Installation service available
  • Custom template design service
  • Website integration service
  • Backend database setup and configuration service
  • Linux server administration
  • Mobile Broadcasting Apps

Mobile Apps

Deliver mobile experiences rapidly with our white labeled mobile apps with server data feed integration and mobile end-user experience.

  • iPad, iPhone Apps
  • Android App
  • HTML5 CSS3 Web version for broad mobile device reach
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