Published Book "Life Coach Handbook"
2020 - 2021

Kevin William Grant- Counsellor and Life Coach
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2020 - 2021


Within this volume will cover the fundamentals of setting up a coaching business and share tools and techniques that will help you launch and run a thriving coaching business.

Coaching conversations leave clients invigorated, inspired, and ready for action. Life coaching inspires clients to live the life they want and live through the parts they don’t. Coaches draw upon the lessons the client has already learned and their strengths to achieve positive and lasting change. Coaching conversations help clients identify how to live their very best life, the one that taps into their full potential, strengths, and gifts.

Life coaching is a process of developing the questions that lead to the answers that are right for you. Fundamentally coaching does not assume the answers aren’t out there for you; you already have all of your answers. The coach facilitates the exploration of how and where to find them.

Coaching encourages deep reflection about yourself and your life to increase personal insight and awareness. Apply this new understanding to make clear, informed, and fresh choices.

Finally, coaching is about committing to actions that will create real, lasting change and move you towards a more meaningful, happy, and fulfilling life.

The coaching alliance is truly designed as a partnership in the service of a particular client's goals and desires—these are co-created with the client and coach.

This textbook covers the fundamentals of setting up a coaching business. I share tools and techniques that will assist you in launching and running your thriving coaching business. I approach this topic from coaching, psychology, counseling, marketing, and corporate management perspectives. The following foundational coaching resources are covered in this handbook:

  • Context— Background information, research findings, theory, and contextual material that will give you the background you need.
  • Guidelines— Best practices that will streamline your coaching processes and guarantee you deliver high-quality coaching services to your clients.
  • Planning— Critical planning and decision-making techniques to rapidly optimize your coaching business.
  • Records— Best practices for professionally documenting coaching information such as notes, records, intake, agreements, questionnaires, and feedback.
  • Skills— Core coaching skills, techniques, and tips so you can get certified, launch your coaching business, and start immediately.
  • Business— Foundational knowledge needed to run your business, manage financials, market your services effectively, create your brand, and build your Internet presence.
  • Exercises— Proven techniques that will generate immediate success by jumpstarting the coaching process with your clients.
  • Forms— Sample forms and business documents you can adapt and tune to your specific coaching practice.
  • Tools— Smart tools that will help pinpoint particular client issues so you can make informed, empathetic, and professional coaching decisions.


Life Coach Handbook (First Edition)

Publication Date: Jan 16, 2020
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Effective Coaching Series Volume 1
All the Tools You Need to Manage a Thriving Coaching Practice

  • ISBN (Paperback): 9781693240126
  • ISBN (Hardcover): 9781794798946
  • ISBN (eBook): 1230003670477

See publication Life Coach Handbook (First Edition)

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