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TD Bank
Product Manager
2013 - 2016

Click to edit position descriptionProduct managed the delivery of TD's North American mobile banking products and services.

  • TD app for Apple Watch
  • TD Contact Centre interactive mobile and wearable product training tools
  • TD Retail Banking wearable proof of concepts
  • TD app for Smartphone manage payee money movement features
  • TD app for Android Wear wearable proof of concept
  • TD app for Smartphone redesign for iPhone and Android
  • TD app for iPad and Android Tablet


  • Mobile Banking Smartphone Apps
  • Wearables, Smartwatch Apps, Apple Watch
  • Mobile innovations and proof of concepts
  • Mobile banking and direct investing services


  • Smartphone— iPhone, Android Smartphone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Mobile Web
  • Tablet— iPad, Android Tablet
  • Wearables— Apple Watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear
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TD Bank
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