MSN Canada Portal Projects
Product managed profitable Internet portal website projects.
1999 – 2006

Managed significant components of the Sympatico / MSN partnership negotiations by delivering technical and product information to the teams— resulting in the successful signing of Bell Canada as a global partner.

Significantly contributed to MSN's worldwide safety strategy— managed a team of 5 and product managed Internet safety products including parental controls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and the Canadian MSN safety portal.

Product managed a team of 6 at MSN and a team of 5 at Sympatico building MSN Canada's Entertainment and Kids portals for the Sympatico / MSN portal launch— resulted in an 80% Internet portal reach across Canada.


  • Product managed profitable Internet communication services while working at Microsoft, MSN, Bell Canada, and The Globe and Mail— consistently delivering innovative products and services customized for the Canadian market
  • Developed the Canadian MSN product safety strategy— results included a 10% increase in customer satisfaction, a 2% decrease in churn, and a measurable increase in partner satisfaction
  • Headed the product management of MSN communication and cloud services in Canada including MSN Premium, Hotmail Extra Storage, MSN Explorer, and Microsoft Office Outlook Connector— building a multi-million dollar cloud service subscription business that contributed to the signing of a partnership with Bell
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